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Healing of Rotator Cuff Tears / Repair

– Discussion:  – rotator cuff anatomy – etilogy of tear and frequency of tear – partial rotator cuff tear – how do RTC tears heal?     – arthroscopic vs open rotator cuff repair – biology of tendon healing to bone – references: – Histological evaluation of repair of the rotator cuff in a primate model – Repair integrity and … Read more

RTC Repair: Convergence Repair

– See RTC Repair – References: Modified Margin Convergence Technique Using Suture Anchors for Footprint Reconstruction of Rotator Cuff Tears A novel technique of rotator cuff repair using spinal needle and suture loop Anatomic reduction and next-generation fixation constructs for arthroscopic repair of crescent, L-shaped, and U-shaped rotator cuff tears. Arthroscopic Side-to-Side Rotator Cuff Repair … Read more

Fluid Management for Shoulder Arthroscopy:

– Fluid Management: – need for continuous outflow; – note that a small amount of continuous outflow will allow for clear visualization and decreased inflow pressure settings; – Bernoulli principle: bleeding can be decreased by decreased fluid turbulence due to egress of fluid from portal sites;              – note that continuous outflow will allow reduced pump … Read more

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

– Discussion:       – rotator cuff anatomy – etiology of RTC tears – how do these tears heal? – massive RTC – open rotator cuff repair – Technique:     – arthroscopy exposure and setup             – inorder to avoid extrasavation, begin with fluid pressure at 35 mm, and increased pressures incrementally as necessary;     – irrigation fluid management     – … Read more