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Radiographic Evaluation of the Talus

- See:
      - Radiology of Subtalar Joint
      - Hawkins Sign

- Talar Neck View: (modified AP (Canale/Kelly));
    - this projection is helpful in assessing degree of frx displacement and adequacy of reduction;
    - best view to demonstrate the talar neck, varus angulation, medial malposition or dorsal displacement of neck;
    - minimally displaced frxs may assume varus deformity at frx site that are not appreciated on standard view;
    - technique:
          - foot is positioned as for AP view w/ lateral border rotated 15 deg off table (foot pronated);
          - w/ foot in max equinus, foot is placed on cassete & pronated 15 deg, w/ beam is directed cephalad 75 deg cephalad from horizontal;
          - central beam is directed vertically to talar neck w/ 15 deg cephalic tilt from the vertical (75 deg tilt from horizontal);

- AP and Oblique x-ray:
     - will demonstrate alignment of talar body in mortise;

- Lateral:
    - will best show talar neck frx line & alignment of posterior facet of the sub-talar joint

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