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Lateral Radiograph of the Ankle

- Radiographic Findings:
    - ankle frx:
          - fibula overlaps posterior aspect of tibia, but posterior tubercle of tibia can still be seen;
          - posterior subluxation of talus in mortise may be assoc w/ posterior lip frx or posterior talofibular ligament tear;
          - stress lateral view:
                - correlates well w/ anatomic diastasis;
                - is more sensitive than mortise view in determining syndesmotic injury;
                - w/ a 7 mm anatomic diastatis, lateral malleolus may posteriorly displace 4-5 mm, where as the Mortise view shows only 1-2 mm of displacement;
                - ref: The tibiofibular syndesmosis. Evaluation of the ligamentous structures, methods of fixation, and radiographic assessment.

    - talus
           - talar neck frx:
           - lateral talar process frx
           - os trigonum:
                  - is relatively frequently seen accessory bone of foot found just posterior to lateral tubercle of posterior process;
    - anterior impingment syndrome
    - anterior widening:
           - dome of talus is centered under the tibia and congruous w/ distal tibial articular surface;
           - asymmetry of articular space, esp anterior widening, suggests instability

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