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- See:
      - osteoblasts and osteoclasts

- Discussion:
    - osteocyte is mentioned as possibly having resorptive capabilities;
    - it is the most numerous type of bone cell and is derived from an osteoblasts that is not longer synthesizing collagen;
    - osteocytes were once considered to be dormant, metabolically inactive cells;
    - this is now evidence that they can synthesize collagen, control bone mineralization within their lacunae, and possibly carry out bone resorption;
    - resorption:
           - when exposed to parathyroid hormone, osteocytes can secrete enzymes which begin to disolve the osteoid;
           - w/ hyperparathyroidism, Pagets disease, or disuse osteoporosis, osteocytes may be involved in the excessive bone resorption