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Distal Ulna Arthroplasty

- See: Distal RU Joint

- Surgical Options:
- Hemi-resection Arthroplasty of RU Joint
- Darrah's Procedure
- Modified procedure (Bower's)
- Sauve Kapandji
- Complications:
- distal ulna resection can lead to carpal migration and ulnar snapping;
- w/ failed arthroplasty arthrodesis (in neutral or slight dorsiflexion) may be required;
- fusion is often favored because of frequent failure of arthroplasty

Poor results of Darrach's  procedure after wrist injuries.

The Sauvé-Kapandji procedure.

Distal radioulnar joint arthroplasty. Current concepts.

Madelung's deformity. An end-result study of surgical treatment.

Radial head fractures and their effect on the distal radioulnar joint. A rationale for treatment.

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