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Hemi-resection Arthroplasty of R-U Joint


- See:
  - Bower's Procedure

- Discussion:
    - invovles resection of ulnar articular head, leaving shaft and styloid relationship intact;
    - interpositional anchovy of tendon is placed in cavity to limit contact of radial & ulnar shafts which may migrate to each other after this procedure;
    - should be considered before performing Darrah procedure;

- Indications:
    - indicated for rheumatoid patients in early stages of the disease;
    - requires that TFCC is intact or reconstructible;
           - w/o intact or reconstructible TFCC, there is no advantage over Darrah procedure;
           - in RA: TFCC will frequently be damaged, and one should instead consider modified Darrah procedure with a radiolunate arthrodesis;
           - another alternative is a Sauve-Kapandji procedure