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Diff Dx Hyperkalemia

- See: EKG Changes

- Nl Values: Adult 3.5-5.1 mmol/L, Child 3.4-4.7 mmol/L;
- Diff Dx:
    - factitious increase (hemolysis of specimen, thrombocytosis
    - leukocytosis, prolonged tourniquet placement for venipuncture;
    - renal failure (acute, chronic), RTA, Addison's dz, acidosis
    - spironolactone, triamterene, dehydration/hypovolemia, hemolysis,
    - massive tissue damage (hemolysis, crush injuries, rhabdomyolysis);
    - excessIntake (PO, IV), K+ supplements, and "salt substitutes,
    - potassium containing Meds such as high dose IV therapy with potassium salts of penicillin, and blood transfusion; insulin deficiency;
    - succinylcholine, digoxin, arginine, beta blockers

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