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Pen V Potassium/V Cillin K, PEN VEE K

(See Pen Family)

- for Gm positive infections, Streptococcus, N.gonorrhea and Meningitis, Syphylis, Clostridium, Cornybacterium and prophylaxis for endocarditis;
- Adult: 250-500mg PO q6hr; Well tolerated oral penicillin;
- Also available 200,000 Units (125mg/5ml) 400,000 Units (250mg/5ml) for PO
- Solution/suspension-- administration;
- Note prophylaxis of Bacterial endocarditis: 2.0gm PO 1hr before procedure and 1.0gm PO 6hrs later;
  - 40% of drug will be excreted in to urine (w/ nl RF(x))
- Peds: 25-50 mg/kg/24hr PO in 4 DD;
- Dosage forms: 200,000  400k  800k (tab 125mg==200,000 Units) for PO administration;
    suspension 125 mg/5 ml (200,000)
               250 mg/5 ml (400,000)