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- See: Class IV Agents

- For Angina pectoris, HTN;
- Adults: 30mg PO qid intially, then 180-360 mg/day in divided doses;
      - SR formulations available: 60, 120, 180 mg PO bid;
      - CD form available as 240 mg;
      - may be used in combo w/ NTG, or Beta blockers
- Precautions:
     - must observe for Bradycardia or Hypotension;
     - bradycardia, & Prolonation of PR interval (slows AV node)
     - contraindicated w/ Sick Sinus Syndrome, 2-3 deg AV block, and hypotension SBP<90 (same contra as Verapamil);
     - causes slight increase in Digitalis levels