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- for mild to moderate pain; symptomatic relief of cough; mild narcotic analgesic, antitussive;
- Adult:Anagesic: 15-60mg PO,SQ or IM qid prn;
- Peds: 0.5-1.0 mg/kg/dose IV/IM/PO;
- Antitussive 5-15mg PO or SQ q4hr prn; Onset 20-30min;
- Has less sedative properties than other narcotics;
- Do not use when there is known allergy, undiagnosed pain, "surgical abdomen," hepatic encephalopathy, acute colitis, respiratory failure, pregnancy, chronic pain not secondary to terminal dz, or documented narcotic abuse or dependency;
- Use w/ caution in the elderly, they are prone to constipation;
- May be habit forming; most often used in combination with acetaminophren for pain or withagents such as terpin hydrate as an antitussive;
- 120mg IM equivalent to 10mg morphine IM