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- Third Generation Cephalosporin
- Do Not use alone with Pseudomonas;
- Adult: 100-150mg/kg/24hr q8-12hr IV; t1/2 = 2.5hr;
- Hepatic and renal excretion allows normal dosing in Renal failure;
- Disulfiram reaction and hypothrombinemia;
- Good diffusion from blood into CSF only with inflammation;
- Dosing Regimens for Patients with Renal Insufficiency: (Dose for 70kg Adult {gm/dosing interval in hours}): CrCl: >80::2/12; CrCl:50 29::2/12; CrCl:30-49::2/12;; CrCl:10-29::2/12;;
    - 20-30 % of dose will be excreted in urine;
- Will interact with Oral Anticoagulants and Alcohol;
- Note: the presence of the MTT side chain on cefotetan, Cefamandole, and Cefoperazone has been associatted with bleeding complications which may be worse with renal failure