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- See: 
- Enalapril 
- Antihypertensive

- Angiotensin Coverting Enzyme Inhibitor 
- For HTN & CHF which is not controled w/ Diuretics & Digitalis
- Adult: HTN: start w/ 6.25 mg to 25 mg PO bid/tid, titrate individual dose over 1-2 wks w/ 25mg increments; w/ CHF initially 6.25-12.5mg tid & titrate; 
- Peds: Infants: 0.5-6.0 mg/kg/day PO divided q6-24hrs; 
- Older children: 12.5 mg/dose PO q12-24hr; 
- Give 1hr before meals; 
- Max dose = 150mg/day divided in 3 doses; 
- Decrease dose in Renal Failure; 
- Need to get CBC and Urinalysis prior to usage; Captopril: Interactions and Toxicities: 
- Contraindicated with renal artery stenosis; caution w/ Collagen vasc. dz; 
- May Cause: Rash, Proteinuria, Membranousglomeropathy, Nephrotic synd., Leukopenia and Cough; 
- must be careful w/ concomitant use of Diuretics
- use smaller doses & watch for exaggerated hypotensive effects; 
- Diuretics should be added if the BP response to ACE is insufficient; 
- potassium sparing Diuretics should be avoided, because they may potentiate hyperkalemic effect; 
- Indomethacin may attenuate the acute response to captopril

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