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Martin Gruber Anastomosis

- Discussion:
    - motor nerve may cross over from the median to ulnar nerve in the forearm; (motor connections but not sensory connections);
    - it occurs in two patterns:
    - from median nerve in proximal forearm to ulnar nerve in middle to distal third of forearm, & from AIN to ulnar nerve;
    - other anastomoses between median nerve & ulnar nerve includes:
         - motor branch of median nerve to superficial head of FPB & ulnar nerve to the deep head of the FPB;
         - anastomosis, of median nerve & ulnar motor branches thru first lumbrical or thru innervation of & adductor pollicis;
         - branch of median nerve to third lumbrical joining neural branch to this muscle from deep branch of ulnar nerve;
         - median nerve may also form anastomoses w/ branch of radial nerve in  vicinity of  apb & have radial nerve innervate this muscle;
         - first dorsal interosseous, adductor pollicis, or even abductor digiti minimi may be innervated by the median nerve

Martin-Gruber anastomosis revisited.

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