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Carpal Tunnel Injection / Median Nerve Block

- Injection of Steroid in pts w/ CTS:
    - injection of steroids into carpal tunnel can be an effective method of treatment in the short term;
    - if steroid is injected directly into median nerve, dysesthesias may occur and persist for several weeks;
    - note that steroid injections into the carpal tunnel may temporarily "normalize" nerve conduction studies, and therefore the physician may consider
           delaying a steroid injection until the NCS is completed;
    - indications:
           - no profound sensory loss
           - no thenar atrophy
           - only slightly prolonged nerve-conduction latencies;

- Anatomy:
    - median nerve is found at proximal flexor crease of wrist between palmaris longlus & FCR tendon, closer to latter;
    - if pt does not have palmaris longus tendon, in which case the nerve is just radial to flexor sublimis tendon of fingers, which usually lies below palmaris longus tendon;

- Technique: CTS Injection;
    - use 25-27 (5/8 in.) needle, w/ 1 ml of plain lidocaine & 1 ml of steroid (10 mg dexamethasone or 40mg triamcinolone);
           - avoid going directly into nerve, & if paresthesia's are elicited needle should be withdrawn & placed in more ulnarly or radially;
    - 25-gauge needle is inserted 1 cm proximal to distal wrist flexion crease, just ulnar to palmaris longus tendon at 30 deg
           angle directly distally and slightly radially;
           - if palmaris longus is absent, the needle should be directed in line w/ ring finger;
           - if paresthesias are elicited, needle is withdrawn & repositioned;
           - if paresthesias are not elicited 5 ml of solution is injected

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