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Thoracoacromial Artery

- See: Arteries of the Upper Limb

- Discussion:
    - branch of axillary artery;
    - pierces the clavipectoral fascia and gives rise to 4 branches;
          - clavicular - small branches that run toward sternoclavicular joint, supplying this and a little bit of the anterior thoracic wall;
          - pectoral - largest branch;
                  - runs downward w/ lateral pectoral nerve on deep surface of pectoralis major;
          - deltoid branch
                  - passes forward between clavicular head of pectoralis major & anterior edge of deltoid muscle & then downward (paralelling
                         cephalic vein) in the groove between two muscles;
          - acromial - small branch
                  - often arising from deltoid branch, emerges between pectoralis major & deltoid, and enters network (rete) over the acromion;
         - branches from suprascapular &  posterior humeral  arteries also contribute to the acromial rete