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Shoulder Capsule

- Discussion:
    - see Static Stabilizers
    - because of shallow socket of GHJ, stability is conferred by capsle, ligaments, & muscle rather than bone;
    - capsule is somewhat loose & approx double size of humeral head, allowing for extensive range of motion;
    - shoulder capsule maintains a negative intra articular pressure;
          - arises as result of high osmotic pressure in surrounding tissues which acts to draw water from the joint;
          - GHJ nl contains < 1 cc fluid, although it can accommodate > 30 cc
          - watertight capsule of Glenohumeral joint is pulled inwardly by neg intraarticular pressure which tends to confers stability;
          - integrity of capsule is important for maintaining stability;
- Anatomy:
    - Scapulohumeral Ligaments: (5 scapulohumeral ligaments):
         - coacohumeral
         - superior glenohumeral ligaments;
         - middle glenohumeral ligaments;
         - anteroinferior glenohumeral ligament
         - posteroinferior glenohumeral ligaments

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