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Radial Skin Incision using BR – ECRL interval

- Discussion:
      - in forearm, attention is directed to interval between tendons of ECRL & Brachioradialis, which is optimal site of insertion for proximal half pin;
             - superficial branch of radial nerve emerges in interval between ECRL brachioradialis mentioned tendons & should be identified & protected when inserting the proximal Schanz screw;
      - muscle bellies of abductor pollicis longus & EPB must be spared;
             - it may be necessary to  position one Schanz screw proximal & second distal to muscles;
             - due to the divergence of the tendons of ECRL & ECRB in distal forearm, optimal placement of distal Schanz screw is in interval between them;
      - border of this muscle group may be palpated between approx 4-5 cm & 4-10 cm proximal to the tip of radial styloid process;
      - inadvertent transfixation of these muscles causes significant pain & greatly impairs active and passive flexion and opposition of thumb