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Myasthenia Gravis

- Discussion:
    - most common neuromuscular junction defect;
    - results from damage to postsynaptic acetylcholine receptor sites;
    - more common in young women & older adults of both sexes;
    - diff dx:
          - myathenic syndrome:
          - ALS

- Clinical Findings:
    - fluctuating weakness of muscle, made worse by exercise;
    - usually first involves extraocular muscles and muscles of the eyelids;
    - it progresses to involve any muscle group in body;
    - muscle bulk and reflexes are generally spared until late in disease;
    - heat may worsen symptoms;

- Treatment:
     - anticholinesterase medications
     - corticosteroids
     - immunosuppressant drugs
     - plasmapheresis
     - thymectomy