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Knee Capsule

- Discussion:
 - most of knee capsule is formed by tendons & their expansions;
 - anteriorly, tendon of Quads, patella & ligamentum patellae, supplemented by expansion of iliotibial band, serve as capsular ligament;
- Posterior Capsule:
- thin capsule extends from level immediately above the femoral condyles to posterior border of upper tibia;
- its central region is supplemented by expansion of semimembranosus that projects upward laterally as oblique popliteal ligament;
- lower portion is supplemented by arcuate popliteal ligament, extending from posterior portion of head of fibula over tendon of popliteus
    to spread over back of the capsule;
- Lateral Capsule:
- laterally & medially, true capsular fibers extend from sides of femoral condyles to sides of tibial condyles, blending posteriorly w/ ligaments 
       and anteriorly w/ tendinous expansion;
- fibular (lateral) collateral ligament is cordlike and stands free of thin, lateral part of the capsule;
- it is attached to lateral epicondyle of femur & head of fibula, and in its course splits tendon of biceps femoris;
- Medial Capsule:
- MCL is a broad, flat band in capsular plane, attached above chiefly to medial epicondyle of femur & below to medial surface of tibia