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Albuterol/ Salbutamol/ Proventil/ Ventolin

- Discussion:
    - B agonist;
    - for brochospasm in reversible airway dz and for relief in exercised induced bronchospasm;
    - adult:
           - 2-4 inhalations q4-6hr or 2-4 mg PO tid/qid; nebulized 2.5-5mg in 3ml NS (supplied in 5 mg/ml solution);
           - tablet form dosage is 4-8 mg q 12 hours;
           - note: although standard dosing intervals for beta agonists are q4-6hr, they may be given almost continuously in severe bronchospasm, as long
                  as potential side effects are noted: SVT, PVC, muscle tremors, tachycardia, GI, HA;
    - peds: <12 yrs; 2-4 inhalations q4-6hr; 2-4 mg PO tid/qid;
    - supplied: tabs: 2mg, 4mg, metered dose inhaler; solution for nebulization: 0.08%, 0.5% (5 mg/ml);

   - contraindicated with hypersensitivity; Use with caution in patients with cardiovascular insufficiency, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, HTN;
   - albuterol interactions:
         - MAO inhibitors
         - tricyclic anti-depressants
         - sympathomimetic aerosol bronchodilators
         - epinephrine