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Chronic Unreduced Anterior Shoulder Dislocations

- Discussion:
    - chronic unreduced dislocations of greater than 6 months duration may involve significant destruction of the humeral head from large Hill Sachs
             lesions or reverse Hill Sachs defects;

- Treatment:
    - these usually require arthroplasty;
    - w/ TSR humeral component is placed in 60 - 75 deg of retroversion (chronic posterior) or neutral version (chronic anteior)

Chronic unreduced dislocations of the shoulder.

Chronic anterior dislocation of the shoulder. Flatow EL, et al. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 1993;2:2-10.

Neglected anterior shoulder dislocation: open remplissage of the Hill-Sachs lesion with the infraspinatus tendon.