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- Second Generation Ceph
- Semisynthetic broad spectrum cephalosporin - Gen II.
- Adult:500mg-1gm IV/IM q4-6hr to max dose of 12gm/day (2gm q4hr);
- usual dose is 1gm q6hr;
- Peds: 50-100 mg/kg/day q6hr;
- Good diffusion from blood into CSF only with inflammation;
   Ratio of CSF to Blood Level (%): Normal Meninges: nil;
   Inflammed Meninges: 0.5-20 (if protein > 100mg%;
- Dosing Regimens for Patients with Renal Insufficiency: (Dose for 70kg Adult {gm/dosing interval in hours}): CrCl: >80:1/4-6; CrCl:50-79:1/6; CrCl:30-49:1/8; CrCl:10-29:1/8;
   - 65-85 % of dose will be excreted in urine;
   - Note: the presence of the MTT side chain on cefotetan, Cefamandole, and Cefoperazone has been associated with bleeding complications which may be worse with renal failure

Cefazolin versus cefamandole for prophylaxis during total joint arthroplasty.

Prophylaxis against infection. Single-dose cefonicid compared with multiple-dose cefamandole.

Duration of preventive antibiotic administration for open extremity fractures.

Cephalothin and cefamandole penetration into bone, synovial fluid, and wound drainage fluid.

Efficacy of perioperative cefamandole with postoperative cephalexin in the primary outpatient treatment of open wounds of the hand.

Timing of antibiotic administration in knee replacement under tourniquet.

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