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Tumoral Calcinosis

- See: Ossification of Soft Tissue and Periosteum:

- Discussion:
    - heritable dz characterized by periarticular metastatic calcification;
    - typically the shoulders and hips are affected most often;
    - vascular and visceral calcification does not occur;
    - hyperphosphatemia may play a role in this disorder;

- Clincal Presentation:
    - affects blacks w/ positive family history, most often;
    - disease manifests before age 20 years;
    - tend to have multiple lesions;
    - soft tissue tumors of ectopic calcification are usually painless and grow at variable rates;
    - masses may be hard and may attached to the deep fascia;
    - since the deposits are extracapsular, joint ROM is not impaired;

- Lab:
    - hyperPhosphatemia and increased serum calcitriol levels are present in some patients;

- X-ray:
    - densely calcified lobules that are confined to soft tissues;
    - radiographically these masses are similar to those seen in renal failure

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