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Revision Femoral Component Arthroplasty

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- Femoral Revision:
    - exposure of femur:
          - it is essential that prior to attempted femoral component removal, that there is a clear retrograde path for stem removal;
          - this means that any trochanteric overhang is removed, either with a high speed bur or with an trochanteric osteotomy:
          - some recommend routine trochanteric osteotomy;
    - removal of femoral component: (trochanteric osteotomy)
          - removal of broken femoral stems:
          - removal of cementless stems:
          - removal of cemented femoral stems:
          - femoral windowing:
                - indications:
                      - presence of a large cortical pedestal which lies at the stem tip;
                      - large cement column;
                      - varus stem position;
                - technique:
                      - motorized burr is used to make a longitudinal window over the area of difficulty;
          - references:
                - Controlled perforation: A safe method of cement removal from the femoral canal.  
                - The window technique for the removal of broken femoral stems in total hip arthroplasty.  
                - Femoral windows in revision total hip arthroplasty.
                - Component removal in revision total hip arthroplasty.

    - reaming:
          - often long curved femoral stems are required, in which case flexible reamers are needed;
          - careful to avoid eccentric reaming;
    - reconstruction of femoral bone defects:
          - references:
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                - Preparation of the proximal femur in cementless total hip revision.

    - femoral component insertion:
          - cementless femoral revision:
          - cemented femoral revision:
    - complications:
          - femur fracture
          - references:
               - Intraoperative Complications of Revision Hip Arthroplasty Using a Porous-Coated, Distally Slotted, Fluted Femoral Stem.
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