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Gluteus Medius

- Anatomy:
    - origin:
         - outer surface of ilium from iliac crest and posterior gluteal line above to the anterior gluteal line below, gluteal aponeurosis;
         - note that posterior border of the gluteus medius is almost in line w/ femoral shaft; the anterior border fans anteriorly;
    - insertion: lateral surface of greater trochanter;
    - action:
         - abducts femur at the hip and rotates it medially;
         - possible lateral rotation. w/ gluteus minimus is major lateral pelvic stabilizer; Aids in early activity of hip flexion;
    - synergists: gluteus minimus, tensor fascia lata, upper gluteus maximus;
    - nerve supply: super gluteal, L5 > L4, S1; (see innervation of the lower extremity);

- Gluteus Medius Gait Pattern:
    - characterized by a Trendelenburh berg gait pattern;
    - weakened medius; allows opposite side of pelvis to tilt downward during stance on weakened side;
    - in effort to compensate, the trunk lurches toward weakened side (abductor lurch) during stance;
    - this action moves the center of gravity nearer fulcrum on weak side, shortening the moment arm from the center of gravity to hip joint & reducing effort
                required of the abductors of hip

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