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Dislocations of the PIP Joint

- See:
  - Dorsal Dislocation of the PIP joint
  - Phalangeal Injury
  - Rotary PIP Subluxation
  - Volar PIP Dislocation

- Fracture Dislocations of the PIP Joint:
    - distinguish between avulsion chip frx from frx dislocation of PIP joint;

- Chronic PIP Dorsal Dislocations:
    - leads to chronic volar plate laxity and hyperextension deformity;
    - may interfere with finger f(x) or result in Swan Neck Deformity;
    - operative treatment:
            - requires advancement and reattachment of volar plate;
            - plication of local tissue;
            - reconstruction of collateral ligament & volar plate

Year Book: Chip Avulsions and Ruptures of the Palmar Plate in the PIP

Extension block pinning for proximal interphalangeal joint fracture dislocations: preliminary report of a new technique.