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DDH: 6 to 24 months of age

- Discussion:
    - Pavlik harness is usually not successful in children > 6 months (crawling age);
          - this is mainly due to increased activity levels of the child as well as the fact that these children begin to learn how to remove the harness;
    - reduction of hip may be complicated when hip capsule becomes permanently elongated, and when psoas tendon obstructs reduction of the femoral head into acetabulum;
    - questions to be answered:
          - whether mild dysplasia is present
          - whether the femoral head is subluxated or dislocated
          - whether manipulative reduction has been helpful;
          - to what extent any soft tissues within the acetabulum may interfere with complete reduction of the dislocation;
          - position and condition of the acetabulur labrum (limbus)

- Clinical Presentation:
    - children in this age group often are initailly seen with a shortened extremity, limited passive abduction, and a positive Galeazzi sign;
    - if the child is walking a T berg gait will be present;

- Radiographs:
    - delayed ossification of femoral head;
    - lateral & proximal displacement of femoral head;
    - shallow acetabulum;
    - w/ persistent dysplasia, femoral head moves superiorly & laterally;
    - coxa valga;

- Arthrogram:
    - may reveal interposition of soft tissue in the acetabulum (suggested by lateralization of the femoral head);

- CT Scan:
    - femoral head becomes reduced in size;
    - posteromedial flattening
    - excessive anteversion;

- Treatment Options:
    - closed reduction w/ traction & spica casting;
    - open reduction;
           - if reduction is not achieved easily or if hip is not stable in 90-100 deg of flexion & 45-55 degrees of abduction, then open reduction is necessary

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