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Type III Olecranon Frx

- Discussion:
        - frx is displaced & forearm is unstable in relation to humerus;
        - this injury is really a fracture-dislocation;
        - Avulsion Fracture
        - Comminuted Fractures
        - Distal Olecranon Fracture:
        - Oblique Fractures
        - Transverse Fractures

- Sub-Classfication:
        - Unstable, displaced fractures:
        - III-A: unstable displaced frx;
        - III-B:
               - comminuted, unstable, displaced frx;
               - comminution threatens adequacy of plate fixation alone;

- Surgical Considerations:
        - w/ frx comminution, it is important to align the fracture by aligning the cortex instead of the articular surface, noting that the sigmoid 
               notch is typically devoid of cartilage in its mid section (the effect of which would be narrowing of the notch);
               - see: anatomy of olecranon;
        - Excision of Olecranon is contra-indicated in type III fractures, since there is inherent instability w/ this type of frx, and olecranon
               excision would promote even more instability;

- Treatment Options:
        - Surgical Approach:
        - Tension Band Wiring: (probably not indicated w/ comminuted frx)
        - Plate Fixation:

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