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Salter Harris III Fractures of Distal Tibia

- Discussion:
    - displaced SH III & IV frxs of distal tibia require open reduction.
    - left unreduced, this injury leads to premature physeal closure unless anatomically reduced.
- Diff Dx:
     - Three Part Triplane Frx:
          - appears as SH type III frx on AP view & type II on lateral;
     - Tillaux Frx:
     - Kleiger frx:
          - type of SH type III frx;
          - occurs in adolescence;
          - involves variably-sized section of anterolateral tibial epiphysis;
          - this portion of epiphysis is involved because physis of distal tibia closes in the middle first.
          - medial portion then closes, and finally, the lateral portion

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