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Papineau Technique

- Discussion:
     - type of open bone grafting technique in which wounds are packed w/ cancellous bone w/ no attempt at soft tissue coverage;
     - may be indicated for infected non unions;

- Technique:
     - for this to be successful the wound must be clean and have adequate blood supply, lab studies should have returned to baseline (WBC, Sed, CRP), and the host should have normal immune system and adequate nutritional parameters;
     - following wound debridement, wound is examined for appearance of thick layer of granulation tissue (usually at 2 weeks);
     - autogenous cancellous graft is compressed into the defect;
     - autogenous cancellous grafts should be no thicker than 2 cm;
     - following incorporation of the graft, soft tissue coverage may be required

Modern papineau technique with vacuum-assisted closure.

The treatment of chronic open osteomyelitis of the tibia in adults.

Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis using the Papineau technique.