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- See:
      - Cervical Stenosis:
      - Central Cord Syndrome
      - Soft Disc Protrusion:
      - Cervical Spondylosis"

- Discussion:
     - increases the space available for the cord thru posterior approach:;
     - results in less damage to facet joints;
     - high-speed burr & small Kerrison rongeur are used to thin out and cut lateral aspect of the lamina;
     - preserves more stability;
          - laminaplasty results in loss of motion, esp in extension;
          - may help to prevent progression of spondylosis & development of deformity;
     - disadvantages:
          - results in loss of cervical motion;
          - relapse of stenosis may occur if hyper-trophic bone growth occurs at laminaplasty sites;
- indications: multi-level spondylosis
- contra-indications:
    - w/ loss of lordosis, kyphosis or in patients whose primary pathology is anterior;
    - w/ multi-level disease consider performing laminaplasty on the stable levels (where facets remain undamaged), and performing posterior 
        fusion on levels w/ instability (or facet damage)

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