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Non Union of Humeral Fractures

- Discussion:
    - Non Union - General Discussion:
    - definition of fracture union: defined as bridging callus (ideally both cortices) on 2 orthogonal views with the
          disappearance of fracture lines
    - care must be taken not to mistake a pseudoarthrosis for a simple hypertrophic nonunion;
          - treatment of the pseudoarthrosis requires complete resection of the synovial tissue, and a closed IM nail does not suffice;
          - bone scan is helpful in diagnosis of pseudoarthrosis, which appears as a cold cleft between hot ends;
    - atrophic non union is most common for humeral shaft fracture:
          - failure of biology;
          - if bone ends appear avascular, then bone grafting or BMP grafting is necessary;

- Proximal Humeral Non Union:

                                  Inital Frx                                                 Non Union                         Rigid Fixation

          - references:
                 Nonunion of the proximal humerus. A review of 25 cases.
                 Blade plate fixation of proximal humeral non-unions.                
                 Management of nonunions of the proximal humeral diaphysis

- Humeral Shaft Non Union:
     - risk factors:
            - open fracture
            - segmental, transverse, or highly comminuted fracture pattern;
                   - ref: Nonunion of the humeral shaft: long lateral butterfly fracture--a nonunion predictive pattern? 
            - significant displacement of the fracture fragments (>100% of the shaft diameter);
            - smoking, diabetes, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
            - infection (at the time of surgical revision, multiple cultures from the fracture site are required
                    to rule out infection);
            - hypothyroidism, metabolic bone disease

    - management:
         1) plate fixation as exchange IM nailing gives poor results;
                    - minimum of 8 cortices on each side of nonunion (may add augmentation plate if more
                            cortices are required)
                    - references:
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         2) aggressive debridement or shortening osteotomy of non union site;
                - references:
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         3) bone grafting (bone graft menu / BMPs)
                 - application of 1/2 of a fibular strut graft in the IM canal and the other half on the far (anterior cortex) is one good option;
                 - references:
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- Distal Humeral Non Union:
     - nonunion of fractures of the distal humerus usually occurs when stable
           internal fixation has not been achieved;
     - references:
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