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Adult Lateral Condyle Fracture

- See: - Pediatric Lateral Condyle Frx

- Discussion:
    - frxs of lateral condyle that involve capitulum alone or extend medially to involve the lateral portion of trochlea;
    - see capitellum fracture

- Lateral approach 
    - typically the plate is positioned posteriorly, and can be placed if needed as far as the posterior aspect of the capitellum;
            - remember that the lateral column is nonarticular posteriorly, therefore low placement of the plate will ensure that at
                       least two screws can engage the distal fragment;
            - distal screws are typically aimed anterosuperior, but ensure that screws do not penetrate anterior cortex of capitellum;
    - plate molding:
            - careful molding of the lateral plate is necessary to obtain maximum screw purchase;
                   - lateral column of the distal humerus diverges about 20 deg from the humeral shaft axis and terminates distally as the capitellum;
            - first the 3.5 mm reconstruction plate is bent to accomodate the valgus bow of the distal humerus (requires a bending press);
            - next bend the plate to accommodate the curved bow of the capitellum

Reconstruction of lateral trochlear defect with radial head autograft.

Fractures of the elbow's lateral column radial head and capitellum.

Outcome after open reduction and internal fixation of capitellar and trochlear fractures.

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