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Trigger Finger: Non Operative Treatment

- DIP Joint Immobilization:
    - immoblization of the DIP joint is extremely useful in preventing triggering in all of the fingers including the thumb;
    - DIP immobilization (leaving the PIP free), has minimal functional limitations and most patients can work without restrictions;
    - technique: consider applying two layers of Coban wrap, then a paper clip over the dorsum of the joint, and then 2 more layers of Coban;

- Steroids:
    - steroid injection into the sheath may alleviate the triggering;
    - try combination of 0.5 ml of the steroid dexamethasone (4 mg/ml) combined with 0.5 ml of 1% plain lidocaine;
           - alternatively, try 0.5 ml of triamcinolone and 0.5 ml of plain lidocaine mixed in a 3 cc syringe, utilizing a 5/8 no 27 needle;
    - technique of injection:
           - sterile precautions
           - inject the sheath, not into the tendon, #25 or #26 gauge needle;
           - insert needle obliquely penetrating thru flexor tendon until resistance is met;
           - to avoid injecting into the tendon, needle is withdrawn slowly until the digit flexion fails no longer moves needle;
                  - if difficulty in injecting is encountered, needle may still be within the tendon substance;
           - syringe is withdrawn, keeping steady pressure on the plunger;
           - when the needle lies in the sheath the liquid will easily flow out and into the flexor tendon sheath & syringe plunger will depress easily;
           - palpate the distal finger for solution flowing into the tendon;
           - alternatives:
                  - consider injecting around the tendon sheath, as this also seems to improve symptoms;
                  - consider injecting into the A2 pulley in the midline of the proximal phalanx;
                         - this may be technically easier than injecting into the A1 tendon sheath;
    - a successful injection into the tendon sheath will result in anesthesia in the entire digit;
    - if the painful triggering continues, consider surgery;
    - contra-indications:
           - non operative treatment (steroid treatment) is not used in infants and children (congenital trigger thumb)

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