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Rheumatoid Trigger Finger

- See: Rheumatoid Hand

- Sites of Triggering in the Rheumatoid Patient:
    - A1 pulley (as w/ convential trigger finger)
    - FDS decussation (may require excising slip of sublimis or an intratendinous nodule);
    - nodule in FDP near A2 can cause finger to lock into extension;

- Non Operative Rx:
    - consider more than usual 3 steroid injections;

- Surgical Treatment:
    - resecting or incising A1 pulley may cause bowstringing of tendon and deviation of finger toward midline with attempts at digital flexion, and increased tendency to anterior MCP subluxation;
    - local tenosynovectomy and early postop ROM;
          - in RA surgical synovectomy of flexor tendons (for triggering) is a rewarding procedure & one of best buys in RA hand surgery;
          - Brunner incision
          - tenosynovium is removed from around the flexor tendons while care is taken to preserve the A2, A4, and  if possible the A1 pulleys (see flexor tendon pulleys);
    - if necessary resect one slip of FDS (if necessary for gluiding), but this should be avoided if possible

Treatment considerations in the complicated rheumatoid hand.

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