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Radial Nerve Block

- See: Radial Nerve:

- Discussion:
   - superficial or sensory branch passes downward emerging dorsally from beneath Brachioradialis  tendon about 5 cm proximal to radial
          styloid; they lies just deep to the superficial veins;
    - just proximal to the wrist, several branches fan out to provides sensory innervation to dorsal radial aspect of hand;
    - superficial branch innervates the dorsal aspect of the first web space & hand as far as the middle of the ring finger and as far distally  
         as the proximal interphalangeal joint;

- Nerve Block:
   - superficial branch of the radial nerve is blocked three fingerbreaths above the radial styloid;
   - transverse wheal will be raised subcutaneously over a radial side of the distal forearm;
   - starting at dorso-radial aspect of wrist, continuous subQ track of anesthetic is laid down in order to block all sensory branches;
    - approximately 10 ml of anesthetic is required, and upto 5-10 min are necessary for this block to work