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Mucous Cyst

- See: Hand Tumors

- Discussion:
    - cystic lesion (actually a ganglion) over dorsum of finger near DIP & fingernail;
    - it is associated w/ degenerative lesions and spur formation (Heberden's nodes) over DIP joint;
    - ganglion may or may not be connected to DIP joint by a synovial stalk;
    - there may be associated with grooving of fingernail distal to the cyst;
    - the nodule is usually flesh colored and is compressible;
    - definitative dx may be made by transillumination or aspiration of synovial fluid;

- Exam:
    - need to document ROM of DIP and whether nail deformities are present;

- Radiographs:
    - need to look for associated osteophytosis and arthrosis of DIP joint;

- Non Operative Treatment Considerations:
    - if mucous cyst ruptures & become infected, a septic joint may result;
    - cysts which do not have a connecting stalk may be amenable to aspiration and injection of steroid;
    - steroid injection:
         - use 0.1-0.2 cc of triamcinolone 5mg/ml;

- Surgical Treatment Considerations:
    - associated Heberdens's nodes, osteophytes should be removed at surgery;
    - removal of the bony hump, which has attenuated the extensor tendon, may cause a mallet deformity;
    - excision of the bony spur may initiate an arthritic flare up that can lead to a spontaneous joint fusion;
    - ganglia of the distal joint area require complete excision, osteophyte resection, and skin reconstruction;
    - of patients w/ preoperative nail bed deformities, only half can expect resolution of their nail bed deformity;
    - Treatment: Removal of Osteophyte:
            - if an osteophyte is present, it may be removed w/o disturbing the cyst;
            - this minimizes the chances for nail matrix injury;
            - this technique, however, may be associated w/ higher chance of recurrence;
    - Technique of Cyst Removal:
            - cysts is approached thru an L shaped incision and any attenuated skin is elliptically excised;
            - cyst is mobilized, traced to the joint capsule, and excised w/ joint capsule;
            - care is taken not to disturb the insertion of the extensore tendon or nail matrix;
            - w/ the joint extended and the tendon dorsally retracted, the opposite side is explored and occult cysts are excised;
    - Treatment: En Bloc Excision of Nail Fold:
            - entire proximal nail fold (full thickness) is excised to a point just proximal to the cyst;
            - insert the freer elevator under the nail fold upto the most proximal edge of the nail bed;
            - this will protect the underlying nail, matrix, and extensor tendon;
            - healing will occur by secondary intention over 6 weeks;

- Complications:
    - residual loss of extension: 17%
    - pyarthrosis of DIP joint: 2-3%
    - nail deformities: 7%
    - recurrence of deformity 3%

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