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High Median Nerve Lesions

- See:
      - Entrapment of Median nerve  at the Elbow and Forearm:
      - Combined Injuries of the Median and Ulnar Nerves:
      - Median Nerve
      - Nerve Repair

- Deficit:
    - loss of pronation of forearm, wrist flexors, index & long finger flexion;
    - loss of thumb flexion:
    - long term contractures:
          - adduction contractures can be prevented w/ oppenens splint;
          - fixed supination deformity may develop despite bracing (due to the deforming forces of the EPL and adductor;

- Prerequisites for Tendon Transfer:
    - absence of web space contracture and supination contracture of thumb;
    - tendon transfer for the extrinsic muscles innervated by median nerve may be delayed, anticipating return of long flexor f(x)

- Accessory Transfers in High Median Nerve Lesions:
    - FPL is reenforced by Brachioradialis ;
    - FDP of index & long fingers are reinforced by transfer of ECRL ;
    - FDP of ring and small fingers are anchored to FDP of index and middle fingers using side to side repair;
    - opponensplasty:
           - w/ median nerve injury several inches above the wrist, consider early transfer;
           - treatment options:
                 - EIP transfered to APB (Burkhalter, et al);
                 - opponens & APB  are reinfored by paralyzed FDS around distal end of FCU - ECU used as a motor;
                 - paralyzed FDS of ring finger is isolated at wrist and at base of digit & delivered at at wrist;
                 - distal FCU tendon is detached & anchored to ECU tendon, thereby forming indirect dynamic pulley;
                 - paralyzed FDS is then passed thru this pulley & into proximal phalanx of thumb, similar to a routine opponens transfer;
                 - proximal end of FCU is sutured to paralyzed FDS;
           - accessory procedures include either arthrodesis of the MP joint or the distal IP joint of the thumb, depending of the stability

Early Tendon Transfers in Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerve Injury.

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