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Deep Palmar Arch

- Discussion:
    - deep arch is more consistent than superficial palmar arch
    - deep arch supplies all digits (complete) in about 97% of population;

- anatomy:
    - large deep branch of radial artery, w/ pulsations is felt in anatomic snuff box, passes under snuff box tendons &
          plunges between 2 heads of first dorsal inteross. muscles to reach palm & forms deep palmar arch;
    - more proximal than superficial arch
          - deep branch is complete (meaning that vessels supply all digits) in about 97% of individuals;
          - in contrast the superficial arch is complete in only 80% of individuals;
    - princeps pollicis present in 98% of cases, runs between first dorsal interosseous and the adductor pollicis;
    - deep metacarpal arteries give branches to digital arteries of superficial palamr arch;

- surgical considerations:
    - line drawn across palm at the level of distal border of fully abducted thumb marks approximate locatation of superficial arch;
    - deep arch is a finger's breath superficial