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Abductor Digiti Minimi

AnatomyAnatomy of the Hand



  • two slips; into ulnar side of the base of proximal phalanx of little finger;
  • into ulnar border of aponeurosis of extensor digiti minimi expansion of finger extensor tendons;


  • abducts little finger & helps flex its proximal phalanx at MP joint;


  • flexor gigiti minimi brevis, oppenens digiti minimi;

nerve supply

ulnar nerve from brachial plexus, C8;


  • this muscle may contract in R.A. and keep the finger abducted;
  • flexor brevis digiti minimi lies on volar surface of hypothenar area w/ small separation between it & abductor of little finger;
  • thru this interval run the deep branches of the ulnar art. & nerve into the subtendinous part of the palm of the hand;