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Pediatric Calcaneal Fracture

- Discussion:
    - in the study by Ceccarelli, et al, the authors compared surgical and non-surgical treatment of 46 calcaneal
           fractures in children aged 3-17 years;
           - patients were divided into: Group A ranging 3-14 years and Group B 15-17 years, and classified according to surgical or non-surgical treatment; (mean follow-up was 22.8 years);
           - extra-articular fractures were treated non-surgically and all results were satisfactory;
           - results of articular fractures in Group A were satisfactory regardless of the type of treatment;
           - articular fractures surgically treated in group B were satisfactory, and those non-surgically treated were mainly poor;
           - extra-articular fractures can be treated non-surgically.
           - articular fractures in skeletally immature children can be treated non-surgically; conversely, those in children with skeletal maturity must be treated surgically;
    - in the report by Mora, et al, the authors reviewed 22 skeletally immature patients with 23 calcaneal fractures;
           - 18 (78%) of these fractures were intraarticular and five (22%) were extraarticular;
           - 9 patients were followed for an average of 4.4 years;
           - of these 9 fractures, 8 were treated non-operatively and one was treated with ORIF;
           - 7 of the 9 patients were free of pain, had unrestricted foot function, and possessed no apparent gait abnormalities;
           - the authors point out that the immature talus and calcaneus has a superior capacity to remodel;
Surgical versus non-surgical treatment of calcaneal fractures in children: a long-term results comparative study.
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