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Distal Radius Frx: Kapandji’s Technique

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- Discussion:
    - Kapandji's Technique / Intra Focal Pin Fixation:
           - a technique in which pins are inserted into the fracture site which are then used to pry the distal fragment into optimal position;
           - indicated for extra-articular distal radial fractures w/ good bone stock;
           - using flourscopy, pins are driven into the frx site in a proximal to distal direction;
           - correction of dorsal angulation:
                  - intrafocal pin is inserted from the dorsal-ulnar side to reestablish the volar tilt
                  - drive pins into the dorsal cortex, apply a levering action in a volar direction, and drive into the volar cortex;
           - correction of radial inclination:
                  - to correct loss of radial inclination, drive pins along the radial cortex;
                  - inserted from the volar radial side to reestablish the radial inclination and the radial length
           - the pins are then levered until the proper anatomy is restored, and subsequently the pins are then driven proximally and oblique into the cortex of the proximal fragment;
           - disadvantages:
                  - intra-focal pinning by itself does not provide rigid fixation and often requires concomitant external fixation;
                  - propensity for collapse in older patients, especially when comminution is present (since frx fragments can slide along the pin

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