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Discussion of Blount Fractures (both bone forearm)

- See: Deforming Forces

- Location:
    - distal 1/3  : 75%
    - middle 1/3  : 18%
    - proximal 1/3:  7%
- Indications for Open Treatment:
    - all displaced, unstable fractures of the radius and ulna in adults;
    - all displaced fractures of the radius with greater than 10 deg of angulation or w/ subluxation of proximal or distal R-U joint
    - isolated fractures of the ulna with angulation greater than 10 deg;
    - all Monteggia and Galeazzi fractures
    - open fractures;
    - if a Compartment Syndrome requires fasciotomy;
- Malalignment of radius or ulna in forearm will impair ROM of the forearm;
    - 10-deg angulatory deformity results in 18% loss of pronation-supination, & 15-deg angulatory deformity resulted in 27% loss of forearm rotation;
    - angulation > 20 deg, or any rotational deformity, significantly impaired forearm rotation;
    - deformity at mid-shaft is more limiting than distal forearm deformity