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Vaccum Mixing of Methylmethacrylate

- Discussion:
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cement mixing: 
          - in the study by Geiger MH, et al (2001), the authors performed a controlled study compared the strength and porosity of 48 
                  polymethylmethacrylate cement-implant constructs prepared with open bowl versus vacuum mix technique;
                  - 48 blast finished stainless steel rods of 13 mm diameter were implanted with centralizers into 17-mm inner diameter tubes that had been retrograde
                          filled with polymethylmethacrylate cement;
                  - 8 cement preparations used were open bowl and vacuum mixed Simplex, Osteobond, Zimmer Dough Type, or Palacos R;
                  - 6 replications of each condition were performed.
                  - rod pushout data showed there was no significant difference between open bowl and vacuum mixed samples when all cement brands were combined;
                  - mean sheer force for Palacos R vacuum mixed samples was greater than open bowl (634 ± 47 versus 423 ± 171), whereas the force for
                          Zimmer Dough Type cement open bowl was greater than that of the vacuum mixed samples (901 ± 71 versus 705 ± 82);
                  - cycles to failure data did not show significant differences when open bowl and vacuum mixed samples were compared when cements
                          were analyzed individually or combined;
                  - image analysis of cement-implant interfaces showed that vacuum mixing reduced void area significantly compared with open bowl mixing in
                         Palacos R and Osteobond preparations.
                   - vacuum mixing does not appear to reduce cement prosthesis interface porosity or improve its mechanical properties in all cements.
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