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Stableloc External Fixator

The Stableloc is a lightweight, radiolucent external fixator for Colles fractures of the distal radius. Independent adjustments on the Stableloc allow for systematic reductions of these complex fractures. Each pivot or movement is strategically placed to provide a single degree of movement without compromising reduction in other areas. A variety of pin designs offer each user the flexibility of matching the appropriate size or feature for each particular patient. - Key features: 1. Dorsal/ Palmar Translation - the dorsal/palmar translation movement at the back of the fixator allows for controlled fracture reduction, by gradually re aligning the distal radius. 2. Independent Length Adjustment--allows for the linear adjustment of the fracture site parallel to the radius. 3. Incremental Distraction--using ligamentotaxis, distraction across the joint aids in aligning the fracture. 4. Flexion - Positioning the ball joint of the fixator at the center of the wrist, will allow flexion adjustment without compromising reduction. 5. Radial/ulnar deviation--the distal pin block allows for a smooth controlled reduction.

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Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.