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Sinus Tarsi

- Discussion:
    - sinus tarsi is the depression found on the lateral side of the tarsus and is distal to and on the same level as the lateral malleolus;
    - on incision of the structures overlying the sinus tarsi - namely, lateral portion of the inferior extensor retinaculum, interosseous talocalcaneal 
           ligament and reflection of the extensor digitorum brevis muscle belly distally
    - one exposes lateral talocalcaneal, talo- navicular, & calcaneocuboid articulations;

- Sinus Tarsi Syndrome:
    - pain and tenderness on the lateral side of the hindfoot originating from the area of the sinus tarsus (talocalcaneal sulcus - a tunnel between 
           the talus and calcaneus;
    - sinus is filled with the interosseous talocalcaneal ligament, which, when injured (usually w/ lateral ankle sprains) or aggravated (w/
            inflammatory arthritis) can lead to characteristic pain

Anatomy of ligamentous structures in the tarsal sinus and canal.