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- the effects of endotoxins have been blamed for all the effects of Gm neg septicemia;
   - hyperpyrexia, vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation, ...
   - the initial clinical symptom of bacilemia is usually a shaking chill;
   - it is not unusual for the patient to initially have an elevated BP followed by a marked fall in blood pressure;
       - often drops to shock levels within 4 hrs;
   - leukopenia is not unusual but is followed shortly by a leukocyte count of 18,000 to 25,000;
   - shortly after the shaking chill, the temperature rises to 103 (39.4) to 104 (40.0) or even higher;
       - this is usually associatted with mental confusion;
   - the pt becomes severely hypovolemic and acidotic and has hyper-coagulation, cardiac stress, and depressed urine volumes due to renal
       tubular disassociation if this chain of events is not stop;
- renal shutdown may be bypassed by the use of diuretics (Lasix or Mannitol), provided a large amount of replacement fluid is given;
   - Lasix 40 mg IV or Mannitol in the form of Osmitrol 250 cc of a 10% sol. may be utilized

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