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Radiographic and Diagnostic studies: for Osteosarcoma

- Characteristics:
    - permeative destructive lesion in which amorphous neoplastic bone is detected;
    - lesion is predominately osteoblastic, but may have osteolytic component;
    - cortical destruction, lack of containment;
    - periosteal bone formation, & poorly defined margins;
           - periosteal reaction may take the form of triangular area of bone at the cortical margins produced by periosteal elevation (Codman's 
    - Sun Burst pattern:
         - amorphous, neoplastic bone spicules arising perpendicular to long axis of the limb;
    - differential diagnosis:
         - Ewing's sarcoma;
         - osteomyelitis
         - Osteoblastoma;

- CT Scan:
    - used to detect radiographically occult pulmonary metastases;
    - helps to determine response to chemotherapy and plan surgical approach