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Radial shortening

- Indications:
    - indications for radial shortening must be strict;
    - no significant collapse or fragmentation of lunate is present;
    - there should be some distal radioulnar discrepancy;

- Technique:
    - use radiovolar approach;
    - six-hole compression plate is measured;
    - 2 screws are placed distally, & radius is marked for rotation alignment;
    - appropriate amount of the radius is removed to balance height w/ ulna;
    - compression plate is reapplied distally and proximally;
    - 8 weeks of immobilization in a short-arm splint is sufficient

Radial shortening for Kienbock disease

Radial wedge osteotomy for Kienbock disease.

Radial closing wedge osteotomy for Kienbock's disease.

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