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Mitchell Bunion Procedure

- Discussion:
    - this a distal "Step Cut" metatarsal osteotomy that displaces metatarsal head laterally in order to correct hallux valgus deformity and 
          metatasus adductus;
    - Mitchell procedure is carried out more proximally than Chevron osteotomy, & can correct more severe deformities than Chevron;
    - this procedure is applicable to moderate to severe deformities of intermetatarsal angle and hallux valgus;

- Surgical Technique:
    - dorsomedial incision is carried down to the joint capsule;
    - dorsal and plantar skin flap is created, with care being taken to avoid the cutaneous nerves;
    - distally based flap is then created from the medial joint capsule in order to expose medial eminence;
          - medial eminence is removed in line with the medial aspect of the metatarsal shaft;
    - transverse osteotomy:
          - is performed through metatarsal neck, just proximal to level of sesamoids, however, lateral 3 mm of metatarsal cortex is left uncut;
          - lateral cortex is then cut proximal to first cut;
          - this cut creates a step off in the distal fragment;
          - distal fragment is then displaced laterally by width of step off and is placed into a slight degree of plantar flexion to accommodate 
                for the degree of shortening that has been created by removing the section of bone;
    - greater the deformity the larger the need for more lateral displacement;
    - osteotomy site is then secured, either with a suture or a pin;
    - medial joint capsule is plicated in order to align MP joint;
- Complications:
    - controlling the osteotomy site in the Mitchell procedure may be difficult and dorsal displacement may occur;
    - avascular necrosis of the metatarsal head may occur if excessive stripping of tissue has been carried out;
    - shortening of 1st metatarsal & transfer metatarsalgia to second metatarsal.
         - this is compensated for by plantar flexion of distal fragment at time of surgery

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